Meet Graham Smith

Mr Graham Smith manages the Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre’s website development, live course training materials and presentations. Graham ensures that our clients and instructors have the most up-to date presentations by constantly updating requested changes to our live and online courses.

Working with Jonathan Smith and Alex McMorine, Graham is responsible for the systems analysis of all applications, to ensure the long term goals and objectives of AAEC are met. Graham started his career as an aviation maintenance engineer working with helicopters all over the world, and later conventional aircraft. Early in Graham’s career as the assistant director of maintenance he was responsible for the management of engineers and ensuring the quality of all work performed. In this role, Graham also did training and instruction. Graham is well known in aviation for his experience in the resolution of difficult to solve flight-line problems (This is similar to drivability troubleshooting)

Graham’s electronics background was also key to gaining experience in resolving electrical and electronic issues in aircraft. Graham has run his own aircraft servicing facility, which serviced a variety of aircraft and clients. Graham also has experience in owning and managing a maintenance facility with up to thirty technicians, which included the proper training and proficiency level of every technician.

Graham also managed the quality assurance program, and was responsible for maintaining and documenting compliance to Transport Canada. Graham has experience in developing technical content for live training. Graham has developed content for Hughes 500 helicopter maintenance, troubleshooting aircraft communications and electronics systems, technical procedures for airframe maintenance, corporate policy and procedures manuals, quality assurance policies and procedures, operating manuals for many custom built systems which were installed in aircraft and work reports detailing changes and modifications completed to aircraft.

Graham is an experienced trainer and has provided in-class training for Helicopter Maintenance, Electronic systems, Communication Systems, Introduction to basic computers, and Specialized Control Systems. Graham also has experience as a presenter speaking to both small and large groups of up to 1000 people. Graham’s experience in aviation has given him a good appreciation for the management and maintenance requirements of an ever changing automotive aftermarket industry. His broad range of management and maintenance experience has also assisted him in the development of the AAEC content flow and presentation.

Graham’s hobbies currently include building a 1938 Ford Tudor street-rod, which is near completion. Graham also enjoys spending time working with Vintage Wings of Canada helping solve flight-line problems, primarily with electrical and communication issues onboard the aircraft.
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