Meet Jonathan Smith

Mr Jonathan Smith is our senior web application developer, responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of Vehicle Integrity Manager, the Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre’s internet presence and various web applications. He is also the developer of the nation-wide Independent Garage Survey and our Monthly BEST Analysis Reporting suite. Jonathan is a graduate of Sheridan College’s prestigious Media Arts program.

Jonathan started his career at Nortel Networks, writing code to optimize compiler performance for data switching applications. Jonathan also participates in the systems analysis of all applications that he develops. Jonathan has come to appreciate the fast pace of the ever changing online world and the need to keep current by constant and continuous professional training and development.

Jonathan was responsible for the conversion of Bob Greenwood’s wealth of live course material from its initial format into a scalable live course delivery platform, and the e-learning environment which is currently an official component of the curriculum at the Automotive Business School of Canada ( Formerly Canadian Automotive Institute ) at Georgian College. 

Jonathan also developed the comprehensive set of AAEC online business management tools which allow clients to not only calculate and save their current business analysis, but to test other possible business scenarios and instantly see the results. Jonathan also moved the Garage Survey from a paper format into a database driven web application, capable of simultaneously collecting survey participant’s data from across Canada.

Jonathan also developed the Garage Survey application, which is the lead generator for national statistics of the Canadian Automotive Aftermarket Industry at store level.

Jonathan also developed a unique scalable high-performance webinar application leveraging AAEC’s existing flash based course materials, enabling an instructor to instantly assemble a presentation bringing together AAEC’s online learning content, Business Tools, and live course presentation content and current internet based media. The webinar interface is are capable of delivering a full-screen high resolution, rich media presentation with live audio, to all corners of the world using only a low-speed internet connection ( Yes, it even works with dial – up )

Jonathan is currently restoring a 1986 BMW 325 in his spare time, and is no stranger to the world of automotive maintenance and appreciates the vast amount of knowledge and skill required by today’s technicians to service and maintain today vehicles.
Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada