AAEC Live Shop Business Management Course Testimonials

The success of our shop business management courses is second to none. Here's what our clients are saying:

"I want to thank you again for your presentation that I attended in Pittsburgh May of 2018! Much has taken place within my company since that meeting and as a result ALL outcomes have been positive. I have implemented many of the things that you instructed and I am proud to say that nearly two years later we are not the same company. Along with our financial successes and growth we have created a culture within our associates that in my twenty years in the industry have never witnessed. I have had zero turnover, ALL of our associates have bought into what we are striving to accomplish as a company. Our efficiency has greatly improved and increased, the technicians are holding themselves and each other accountable in regards to their quality, professionalism, and commitment to our clients, as well as the company. I have become a President/CEO that manages a successful business, as opposed to a truck mechanic that allowed the business to manage me. Just as I hold my associates accountable to their responsibilities I have my associates hold me accountable for mine. I strongly believe that this success would not have been possible if I had not made the trip to Pittsburgh. I am continually looking to improve and getting more in depth with the implementation of all of your recommendations as I have gradually brought the change in. We have several growth opportunities that lie ahead, the future is bright. During that meeting when you and I connected afterward you asked me what my passion was, I answered with much uncertainty and you informed me that I needed to discover what it was. Bob, I found it...... I'm doing it!!! I want to be an industry changer! During that meeting you discussed how we are professionals, not any different than doctors, lawyers, bankers etc... therefore we should look professional in our appearance dress slacks/shirt etc.... That was the one comment that I disagreed with you on, thinking that my customers would be put off with that. Well I must say that the last couple of weeks that issue has been on my mind, I hear from my clients that we are extremely professional, but I think soon I will improve that by dressing like a professional. I hope that we can connect again soon, I would be thrilled to attend another session. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing to the industry."

Aaron Wease - Wease Equipment, Olney, Illinois

"Well worth the time and money. You have opened my eyes. I hope I can keep them open. Thank you very much. You are great at what you do!"

Frank Monachino - Autoguys Tire & Automotive North York Ontario

"I will make this day count to say the least."

Verron Brooks - Jamtino Auto repair Niagara Falls Ontario

"Makes you realize what you are doing right and not doing right on your business"

Clara Viatela - The Mechanics Team Auto Repair , Niagara Falls, Ontario

"Incredibly detailed calculations and ratios I wasn't aware of. Very Charismatic"

Narbeh Gharabeiki - Trilli Tires, Richmond Hill Ontario

"One of the best presentations I've ever been part of. Extremely useful knowledge".

Aren Gharabeiki - Trilli Tires, Richmond Hill Ontario

"Well spoken, kept class involved, answered all questions. Plenty of info and homework. Learned a few things that I can implement and study further. Good content, good information"

Ryan Schulze - Markham Auto Repair, Markham Ontario

"Well done, easy listening & understandable. Lot's of new business to do on our business. Encourage any automotive shop owner / manager to take part transitioning from floor to office. So very informative."

Dave Caldwell, Douglas Automotive Repair - Peterborough, Ontario

"Great course, very informing. Thank you Bob"

Scott Fitzsimmons, Fitzsimmons & Son -  Peterborough, Ontario

"Very motivated, knowledgeable. A lot of facts to use. Provides a lot of ideas for the team and company as a whole. Anyone who wants to grow the business to a higher level and to provide better productivity and teamwork."

Helen Chow, Car House Auto Service - Richmond Hill Ontario

"Very well presented. In depth, great content to build from. Will value this course for years. Great course for owners, service advisors and even technicians. Helps team aspect of auto business. Everyone in business has to be on the same page."

Ross Galbraith, Degroots Diagnostic Centre - Scarborough Ontario

"I was impressed with your genuine attitude hoping everyone makes things work. Many good points. Lot's of things I need to work on. Very helpful, the math does prove the point."

Eric Perroni, A & T Motors - Whitby Ontario

"Excellent presentation, I have learned a lot. Very good content and will be very useful."

Peter Boudreau, S.T.E. Auto Centre Ltd. - Whitby Ontario

"Bob has excellent knowledge on aftermarket shops. Thank you."

Asim Rehemtulla, Pronto Automotive - Markham Ontario

"bob was incredibly interesting and informative. Very clear and concise in his speech. The information in this course is absolutely crucial to anyone trying to run a professional automotive business. This course was very important to me. I had no idea how much so until I was in it.. Thank you very much for taking the time to help teach me concepts that I honestly had never considered."

Justin Rutherford, Georgian Automotive / Truck Service - Parry Sound Ontario

Extremely well presented. I take a number of courses that are continuing education for accounting and I got as much out of this course as any of them."

Don Lighthall CPA, CGA, - DLLS -  Thornton Ontario

"I have always liked listening to him and reading Bob Greenwood's articles. I just had a meeting 3 weeks ago about billable hours so this was great for me. Very valuable. it was fantastic."

Sue Latino, Redline Automotive - Scarborough Ontario

"Great class, I learned a lot and look forward to going to another one to learn more."

Travis Grove, Bell's Garage - Bridgenorth Ontario 

"Learned a lot of information that I was unaware of. Gained a lot of knowledge on business practices that I can use on our business. Would love to enroll employees in this course."

Taylor Holdaway, holdaway Automotive Ltd. - Orillia Ontario

"Just the formulas I was looking for in order to evaluate our business."

Debbie Schachel, Raymore Tire & Auto Services - Raymore SK

"Redesigns your thought process and business mind."

Kyle Schachel, Raymore Tire & Auto Services - Raymore SK

"All content is able to be applied to all levels of automotive business. A great value and lots of knowledge for all business owners and staff as well."

Cody Carnahan, OK Tire Park Ave., - Regina SK

"Friendly, professional, knowledgeable. Very informative and eye opening to where the aftermarket is going."

Allyson VanRoon, RP Automotive - Weyburn SK 

"Enough material to give us a huge eye opener on how to change our business. This shop management course whether you know your business or not, teaches you the everyday functions on how to run a business. True dedication on Bob's part to run such a detailed and wonderful shop management course."

Ann Moore, Moore Automotive, Amherst N.S.

"Has a high concern for my business. Full of lots of information. Extremely eye opening!!!"

Dania Moore, Moore Automotive & Recreation Ltd., Amherst N.S.

"Instructor is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and able to communicate info clearly. Though the program not tailored specifically for collision industry, there is much relevant, helpful info presented. The business principles and formula's presented can also, to a large degree, be applicable to the auto collision industry. The concept of understanding where the auto industry is heading is of great importance in planning ahead."

Brent Gerrits, Brent Gerrits Collision & Refinishing, Port Williams, N.S.

"Information and key points very clearly presented. Bob Greenwoood is excellent at what he does. I needed to be here more than I even know. I believe anyone who wishes to make a career in the aftermarket automotive industry, regardless of position within the company, should attend this shop management course. This technicians opinion."

Matt Armstrong, Sussex Cornier Service Centre Ltd., Sussex Corner New Brunswick.

"Very In-depth. Made me re-think my abilities. Will be bringing all staff from both shops."

- Ron Grenier Atlas Auto & TireCraft Auto & Exhaust, Edmonton Alberta

"Very comprehensive. Formulas are fantastic. A fantastic set of knowledge and tools to change one's life and lifestyle."

- William Hawkes, Island Muffler & Brake Shop, Victoria BC

"Great instructor. Easy to listen to. Great at his work. This is going to be a great working tool for my task as Manr."

-Pieter Dejong, Neerlandia Co-op, Neerladia Alberta

"Recommend it to all who want to develop their business. Awesome shop management course."

- Dustin Pcochinsky, Kal Tire, Bonnyville, Alberta

"The whole shop management course of how to increase my bottom-line and make some real money"

- Tony Suberlak, A & M Auto Centre, North Battleford, Saskatchewan

"shop management course opens your eyes to your businesses state, gives you the ingredients to move it forward and then shows you what the results will be."

- Chris Feist, Atlas Auto & Exhaust, Edmonton Alberta

"It's incredible the recipe Bob has created for success. Most shop management courses of these type are theory only. Any shop owner would be crazy not to attend."

- Mitch DeBelser, NWP Industries, Innisfail Alberta

"It would be nice if many other Independents understood price and structure as to get away from low balling price."

- Shane Koopman, Koops Service, Black Diamond Alberta

"Very excellent, clear speaking, to the point, great humour but serious when needed. Taking the shop management course more than once would be well worth it."

- Kyle Irving, Koops service, Black Diamond Alberta

"Made learning this content fun and kept my attention for the full 3 days."

- Darrian Martinson, Big Dog Performance, Calgary Alberta.

"Excellent at getting point across and very approachable. This shop management course should be mandatory if you are using anybodies money but your own to run your business."

- Mitch Ouellette, Fountain Tire St. Albert Alberta

" I thought I ran a Profitable business. I found out I'm not even close!!!"

- Gianni Barbieri, Extra-Tech Automotive Ltd., Calgary Alberta

" Very approachable and knowledgeable. Most auto shop owners are not accountants or business minded. We all think if we are busy we're making money. Bob proved this is incorrect and gave us the tools to turn our business around."

- Susan Haines, Carworks Ltd., Edmonton Alberta

"Knowledge is 2nd to none. Use it properly and the sky is the limit! Very informative. Opened my eyes to great potential in my store."

- Chris Grant, Fountain Tire St. Albert Alberta

"Awesome. Absolutely amazing. Nothing like it in Canada.Your APD sponsored seminar last week in Red Deer was by far the very best, most professional and informative I have ever attended in North America in my over 35 years of warfare in the Canadian Automotive aftermarket. Anyone entertaining a career in the aftermarket as a service provider .....MUST.......... attend your shop management course if their intention is to become a successful entrepreneur in our industry.

- Robb Sloan, STW Holdings, Lethbridge Alberta

"Very much alive - to the point! Knowledgeable, great teacher, coach - a man with a vision. Very informative, well researched, well documented by Bob's long committed hours and years of dedication!"

- Adrian Beros, OK Tire & Autoservice Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill Ontario

"Very good shop management course and reinforces the practices I have been following. Helps to understand the math, what the numbers mean. Has given me ideas on ways to increase productivity to reach target goals. Thank you - great passion."

- Allan Kirn, A&D Automotive, Beamsvlle Ontario

"Between content and presentation, the day flew by. One of the most informative yet interesting shop management courses in a long time. I was completely impressed with this shop management course. Well presented, well organized, compelling and engaging speaker. Useful information with concrete tools to take away; didn't drag over time, lots of impetus to go home and really think and evaluate."

- Jacquie Manore, Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists, Mississauga Ontario

"Bob knows exactly what he is talking about. Lots of useful information"

- Sid Tamburro, Tamburro General Repairs, Concord Ontario

"Excellent shop management course with practical examples that will help you improve your business profitability."

- Ken Buehler, Buehler Automotive & Transmission Alma, Ontario

"Very thorough and easy to understand! It was nice to see things broken down into terms easy to understand, especially for someone without a business background."

- Derrick Rathmann, Eurohaus Auto Service, Alliston Ontario

" Informative, vibrant, very interesting. I feel I can move my business forward slowly with confidence."

- David White, College Auto Tech, Guelph Ontario

"Bob is extremely knowledgeable with a tremendous grasp on our industry."

- Lee Ann Brazolot, College Auto Tech, Guelph Ontario

"Clear and to the point. Wished I had sought out this missing component 5 years ago."

-Kyle Mester, Kartech Auto, Toronto Ontario

"Very knowledgeable and friendly. I had no idea there were formulas to calculate our important numbers. This entire industry needs to be revamped. This would truly help anyone who truly wants to be a professional."

- Deryk Richardson, AHR Automotive, Newmarket Ontario

"No holding back, right to the point, well organized. Great information on where our industry is heading and what to do about it."

- Bill Flynn, Integra Tire & Auto Centre Edmonton, Alberta

"Very eye opening. Seem to be a fool proof way to get on track. I liked all the math which makes sense in the business."

- Jamie Stojanowski, Lloydminster, Alberta

"I enjoyed the experience and the information was excellent. Bob is a great speaker, very knowledgeable in his field. Everyone in the automotive business should take this shop management course."

- Murray Labrecque, A-1 Tire & Battery Edmonton, Alberta

"Engaging; the shop management course was presented in a way that always kept you interested."

- Rick Schwabe, Schwabe's Automotive Centre Edmonton, Alberta

"Bob is a skilled instructor, shop management course had good flow and pace. Clarifies the meanings of Financial reports and how to apply that information. I believe manment training is vital for an auto repair shop and I'm looking forward to using the E-Learning site."

- Ray Plaizier, Plaizier's Auto Service Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

"It is amazing the detail put forth and the simplicity of the calculations. Also amazing that there is actually someone out there that can teach this stuff and cares that we know it."

- Marcia Hay, Caliber Automotive Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

"I will see him again. He makes me think. The numbers hit home. Not only would I recommend it to someone, but I would take it again."

- Christopher Taylor, Lendrum Auto Service Edmonton, Alberta

"Kept group interested and attentive for all days on topic numbers that can be hard to do. You have a talent. Great material and need to get mess out. Great delivery."

- Zara Wishloff, Warehouse Services Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

"Rollercoaster, feeling good - positive, not so good - negative. Had a good night sleep, feeling refreshed and ready to move my business to the level I have always dreamed of."

- Michael Bealer, Caliber Automotive Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

"Excellent methods of teaching. It's nice to have someone get excited at our potential."

- Alan Marsh, Fountain Tire Edmonton, Alberta

" Very informative and motivated individual. The best shop management course of its kind that I have ever attended. I believe that everyone that runs or operates a shop should go to this shop management course at least once. Even if they only retain certain things I am sure that it will change the dynamics of the industry and many personal lives. Thank you Bob."

- Vlad Buk, J & M Tire and Alignment Edmonton, Alberta

"Gets point across very well. Very in-depth. Priceless!! Fantastic!! More service providers should attend shop management courses like this!!

- Jim Fraser, Warehouse Services Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

"Very good at keeping the room. This shop management course is good for everyone. As a sales rep I feel I can help my accounts in another area."

- Robert Huggan, Warehouse Services Inc. Edmonton, Alberta

"Exceptionally informative, very good explanation. Priceless, the amount I have learned is incredible. I believe that if all manment could attend this shop management course, there would be a greater amount of successful shops."

- Dean Roarke, Beverly Tire & Auto Brantford Ontario

" Very straight forward, easy to listen to, good mix of humour and info. Good cross section of info for our industry. Lots of hands on ways to make change - excellent."

- Juanita Dyck, Down the Road Again Automotive Inc., Waterloo, Ontario

"Enjoyed learning from the math. Appreciate the value of what Bob is trying to deliver. Nobody cares more at the success of the aftermarket more than Bob, he truly cares."

- Steve Kallay, Gord Davenport Automotive, Orangeville Ontario

"Easy to listen to, very knowledgeable, excellent presentation. Huge eye opener. Very exciting. Excellent shop management course for everyone to take. Bob offers a lot of support, makes it easier to implement changes in our company."

- Derek Booy, Steve's Automotive, Woodstock Ontario

"Fantastic speaker and very knowledgeable. Best training shop management course taken for the value."

- Chris Lovett, City Chevrolet Hamilton, Ontario

"Great class, excellent speaker. Very open shop management course that makes you think and deal with any problem in your shop with employees and in the industry. I enjoyed the speaking/teaching style of Mr. Greenwood. He makes you think about how to better your business as well as give you the tools to do so."

- Scott Eccles, Eccles Auto Service, Hamilton, Ontario

"Open eyes for correct running and control of business."

- Lou Zakrzewski, Ludex Auto Service, Etobicoke Ontario

"Bob opened my eyes to what the aftermarket has to offer. This shop management course is great as it teaches you how to man the numbers of your business properly and so that you are not just buying a job."

- Robert Lyell, Budget Exhaust & Automotive Inc., Burlington Ontario

"Excellent delivery and presentation. Very good formulas for business analysis. I have recommended this shop management course to many of my peers."

- Gianni Biral, Biral Automotive Service & Repair Ltd., Toronto Ontario

"A real industry eye opener, understand the numbers.The math doesnot lie"

- Bill Willard, CAA Niagara, Thorold Ontario

"This shop management course is mandatory study if survival is desired."

- Jack Bowes, Jack Bowes Auto Centre, Glenburnie, Ontario

"Very passionate about this industry. As a service manr and not a shop owner it is truly eye opening to get an inside view of owning an automotive shop! You don't know your business unless you've taken this shop management course. Being through it twice, I'd still return for a refresher."

- John Morozuk, Precision Automotive, Orleans Ontario

"Very dynamic speaker. Definitely passionate about the subject. Can't survive in this market without this shop management course."

- Marc Beach, Benson Autoparts, Brockville, Ontario

"The information we get as a supplier is priceless in how we can help clients grow their business. Excellent, priceless and tonnes of value."

Kevin Hutcheson, Benson Autoparts, Kingston, Ontario

"Always an eye opener. Took the shop management course 5 years ago and learned a lot but way overdue for a refresher. The mindset of the entire industry must be focused on a few common goals to survive and I encour all my peers to participate and be aware."

- Mark Powell, Dave Stoddard's Auto Service, Nepean, Ontario

"Considering the amount of information provided, it was presented in a manner that was easy to grasp and remember. This industry is hurting itself and not even ware. This shop management course is an eye opener."

- Nick Bainas, Spierings Automotive, Pemberton B.C.

"Well delivered. Great shop management course. Opened my eyes in a very positive way."

- Marvin Ford, Penticton Automotive Repair, Penticton B.C.

"Bob made sure all info was clear and easy for me to understand. Value of this shop management course? Priceless."

-Dawn Ford, Penticton Automotive Repair, Penticton, B.C.

"Blunt - tells it like it is. Has the knowledge, back ground, back-up material and resources. Do you want to start/buy a shop? You need Automotive Business Manment training. Is your business in trouble or missing out? You need this shop management course."

- Mike Hoffman, Automotive Brake Renew & Tune-up, Kelowna B.C.

"Priceless. Will be a major reason for my existence in the future. It is something that needs to be delivered to the whole industry. It should be made a necessity for all shop owners."

- Doug Lowther, Doug's Mountain View Auto Service, Penticton, B.C.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent seminar held February 6th & 7th 2007 exclusively for our company, Mister Transmission. The feed back I have received from our franchisees is outstanding and has been a welcome eye opener for our group. I would be very pleased to recommend your program for any organization in need of a reality check! You are a true automotive professional, Bob, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

- Randall A. Moore, Vice President, Franchise Operations.

"Well spoken, clear and easy to listen to. Great delivery. The start of a long-term plan, not another short-sighted change."

- Curtis Moggey, Panda Tire Dist. Inc., Moose Jaw, SK.

"Great at communication in layman's terms. I truly believe it is invaluable. This is the beginning of a whole new journey for our shop!"

- Debra Erhardt, D & S Erhardt Farm & Auto Repair, Regina, SK.

"Very well presented, very professional. I realize our team has many areas we need to improve to reach our potential. It will be easy to pay yourself an extra $25,000 per year if you follow these ideas."

Daryl Kulcsar, Driven Automotive Repair & Detail Centre Ltd., Regina SK.

"Very compelling, interesting. Has a lot of straight forward concepts which can be practically applied. I wish all shops would have the business sense to commit the time to their business to take this shop management course."

- Brenda Gelowitz, Chartered Accountant, Auto Electric Service, Regina SK

"Wow, what an eye opener. This really shows where we were and with the knowledge, where we are going to go".

Connie Boucher, Brunswick Auto Electric, Moncton New Brunswick

Cannot be compared to any other shop management course. Discussed the true realities of our business."

Alex MacNeil, Midas Auto Centre, Master Muffler Ltd., Sidney Nova Scotia

"Excellent shop management course, would definitely attend again - above expectation!!. Very, very knowledgeable."

Dale Jensen, J&P Auto Repair 2004 Ltd., Oromoto New Brunswick

" First person I've met in the industry that gets it."

Don Moore, Fairview Tire and Auto Clinics Inc., Burlington Ontario

" A wake-up call right from the start. I would recommend this shop management course to my peers; my 3rd time in the shop management course; every Jobber should take this shop management course."

Dennis Forbes, Forbes Service Centre Ltd. Hamilton Ontario

" Bob, I have 2 University degrees and I can honestly say this is the best session I have ever attended in my formal training. Pure pleasure. This shop management course is for people who love their job and business."

Serge Cino, Cino Auto Repair Inc. Hamilton Ontario

"Genuinely concerned. Very intense. Takes some of the mystery out. Very necessary to an owner of small business."

Gary Smith, Guelph Brock Road Gar Ltd., Guelph Ontario

"Waited for 2 years to get in his shop management course and was not aware how much I lost to procrastination."

Nick Lucer, Eastern auto Electric, Hamilton Ontario

"Bob is a great instructor. Everything I wanted to know. It was very educational. I'm sure my business will grow from this experience."

Gavin Hill, Corporate Autoworks, Burlington Ontario

"Absolutely phenomenal information. Exceeded my expectations by 200%. With this information and knowledge my company can now make the necessary changes."

Kevin John Hull, John's Auto Care, Hamilton Ontario

"Definitely the best three days spent in a long time for the benefit of my company."

Joe Bravo, JB Auto Services Inc., Dundas Ontario

"Bob has shown us step by step how to condition ourselves and our minds to be more professional and more focussed on our business. Owning a business and not having a path to follow, is just like taking your money and burning it. Showing you how to make a buck and earning every penny of it, and showing you how you can make more - is even better."

Daniel Crimeli, Carline Automotive, Hamilton Ontario

" Sincere and engaging. After 8 months running my shop, realized I had no business acumen."

Peter Read, Westmount Gar Co. Ltd., Hamilton Ontario

"Very good presentation, always interesting, never boring, very knowledgeable, dynamic speaker."

Bob Bosma, Lincoln Valley Automotive, Hamilton, Ontario

"Information in the industry was explained and thoroughly discussed. A real eye opener."

Ray Koetsier, Trillium Auto Service Hamilton, Ontario

"Great work! Never wanted to " nod off " even once. Thank you Bob."

Fred Bosscher, Advanced Automotive, Burlington, Ontario

"Well educated and very involved in the aftermarket. As a company many people/other shops come to us for advice. This shop management course points out how much more we need to learn. This shop management course will be highly recommended."

Jeff Rempel, George Remple Auto Service, Winnipeg Manitoba

"Excellent. Drove things home. WOW!!! A real eye opener!!"

Bob Coleman, K Coleman's Gar Ltd. Foresters Falls, Ontario

"Most dynamic, enthusiastic and realistic instructor in the industry. If shop owners would only take their heads out of the sand long enough they can see where they are at and where they could potentially be."

Rob Brouwer, Precision Automotive, Orleans, Ontario

"Very good at opening eyes. Just what my business needs. This is a must."

- Rick Scott, Sonny's Automotive, Kingston, Ontario

"Very empowering. It is what our company needs to continue our vision."

Lindsay Belanger, Tilbury Auto Sales, RV & Limousine, Tilbury Ontario

"I will see you again. This will change the way I do business. Thank you! I believe this shop management course can change this industry completely."

Shady Youssef, Tecumseh Auto Performance, Tecumseh, Ontario

"Did an excellent job capturing my attention and wrapping my mind around this. Anyone serious & Pro enough to stay in this business must attend."

John Sawatsky, MSJ Automotive Services Ltd., Windsor, Ontario

"Very captivating, held my attention the whole time. Extremely informative. Opened my eyes to my business."

Don Ing, Evoy's Service Gar Ltd., Windsor Ontario

"Very professional. What we needed to hear! Will change my life. Every shop owner/manr must attend this shop management course!"

Dwayne Tuffin, Dwayne's Auto Inc. Leamington, Ontario

"I needed the energy & passion. All the tools I needed. The shop management course price? What price do you put on success? You empowered me. Thanks!"

Stuart Durocher, Michigan Reconditioning & Fleet Services, Livonia Michigan

"Enjoyed shop management course. I should have taken it 20 years ago."

Mike Cowell, Cowell Automotive, Windsor, Ontario

"Content directly aimed at improving and growing our business. Any shop that takes this shop management course will improve."

Brian Fletcher, Fletcher's Auto Service Windsor, Ontario.

"Pleasant and very direct. Got to the point. It's been what I have been looking for, for many years. Very valuable. More than enough, thank you Bob."

Archie Sarros, Huron Automotive, Windsor Ontario

"Its nice to have the truth so blunt to make us think."

Marvin Friesen, Marv's Place Saskatoon Sask.

"Where the H- were you 5 years ago! I could be a rich man today, now I will have to work 5 more years. Great job Bob. Thank you."

Al Senko, Certified Tire & Auto, Saskatoon Sask.

"Informative and really to the point. It is exciting to find out what the numbers really mean!"

Gianni Barbieri, Extra-Tech Automotive, Calgary Alberta

"Professional. Thank you for your dedication to this industry and the value of your time to put this shop management course together. Eye-opener, respect for the industry, and highly dedicated." -

Heather Hackett, Paragon Auto Service, Saskatoon Sask. Sask.

"The aftermarket survival will depend on future development by all levels of shop management courses with this high quality of content. Bob has set the bar high for the rest of the industry".

Billy Bentley, Clavet Service Station, Clavet,

"Extremely knowledgeable and informed. Comes thru with real passion! Lots of important information and formulas for our business. I truly found tremendous value and was a good eye opener for me and my business."

Len Ritchot, City Tire Centre, Saskatoon Sask.

"No one else in the industry talks the talk and walks the walk. When Bob retires, there will be nobody to replace him. The time is now for me. A young lady with a Masters in Business dropped out after day one the reason? - too intensive enough said! On a scale of 1 to 10 this rates 25 or higher."

Robert Scott, Glenwood Auto Service, Saskatoon, Sask.

"Bob is an amazing teacher with no sugar coatings. There was an enormous wealth of information contained in this shop management course. This is by far the best educational shop management course I've ever taken and would definitely take it again. Anyone in the automotive business NEEDS to take this shop management course."

Gerry Crane, Glenwood Auto Service, Saskatoon, Sask.

"Very interesting person and makes you feel right at home. The shop management course is a real eye opener. Coming into this shop management course I had my doubts about it. After the 3 days, I am a true believer in it and wish I would have taken this shop management course years ago."

Howard Chappell, Thanes Big-T Auto Repair, Saskatoon Sask.

"Very well spoken. He has done a lot of research and is a breath of fresh air. He helps us to focus on improvement and objectives. Would like to see everyone in business to attend this shop management course."

Corinne Miller, Brake Check, Edmonton Alberta.

"Excellent presentation, well organized, never a boring spot. Anyone wanting to succeed in this business needs to know about the smoke and mirrors."

Debra Jalbert, APD Vancouver BC

Very animated, friendly, courteous and pleasant to listen to. Eye opener!! The objectives will be implemented Monday 8:00 AM. There are many owner/manrs/employees that need to have their eyes opened."

Randy Maranchuk, Thanes Big-T Auto Repair, Saskatoon, Sask.

"Really got the point across. The most comprehensive training I have ever had."

Michael MacEachern, M2 Auto Ltd. North Vancouver, BC

"Very passionate, great job. I have much to learn and will take this shop management course again."

Jim Neville, Arvid's Automotive Ltd. Abbotsford, BC

"This is a necessary shop management course for all shop owners and manrs so they can see the money they are not getting."

Peter Foreman, Foreman Auto Service, Langley, BC

"The most in-depth, number crunching, real business values shop management course I have ever attended. A wake-up call for the industry!! and a must attend for ALL owners."

Russ Hudson, Hudson Automotive (Abbotsford) Ltd., Abbotsford, BC

"One of the most exciting shop management courses I have been in for over 15 years. Beyond expectation. This should be mandatory to all sales staff in the Jobber business as well as any automotive repair shop asking for credit over $1,000."

Corey Doell, Norlang Automotive, Langley, BC

"Thank you! Very effective. More content than expected. shop management course manual best I have experienced in past 8 years of Bus Mgnt/Office Mgnt shop management courses taken."

Louise Barnes, Seeco Automotive, Courtenay, BC

"When dealing with a tough subject, I still felt he cared about my success."

David Sutherland, TC Motors, Victoria BC

"Clear and concise, factual and very informative."

Derek Brown, Cedar Hill Esso, Victoria BC

"Great shop management course. Covered more content than most (all) shop management courses I've been to."

Mike Burkmar, Cordova Bay Esso, Victoria BC

"Absolutely the most informative shop management course I have taken. Extremely comprehensive, in-depth study of the industry. Everyone given the opportunity must take this if they want to succeed in the future."

Gordon CA, Hartman Auto Supply, Courtenay BC

"Powerfully presented, meaningful, understandable, challenging. Relevant!"

Heather Grant, Falcor Automotive Services, Maple Ridge BC

"This shop management course is a must take for any shop owner and or staff in this industry and not just once. It is definitely an on-going process to make it to where we need to be."

Sean O'Gorman, Glenn's Small Car Parts & Repairs Ltd., Courtenay BC

"Breath of fresh air. Inspiring. Very Business enlightening. Focus on the future. Exactly what I needed to reach my goal with my business. Would like to attend again with staff. Would make the aftermarket industry far more credible and everyone involved would benefit including the end consumer."

Ron Barnes, Seeco Automotive, Courtenay BC

"Very direct, discussed the hard reality of the future. Absolute necessity in the sense that the topics are 100% useful because it is industry (Independent shop) specific."

Ellery Wade, Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler, Calgary, Alberta

"Excellent job. Kept me entertained and interested. Lots of valuable information which I can use."

Jane Pintarie, Cartech, Fort McMurray Alberta

"Strait to the point. Nothing hidden. The more we all know about this business, the better understood we all would be."

Jerry Gordon, Jerry's Auto, Killam Alberta

"Its refreshing to have an instructor that is honest. There is plenty of business in our area and most shops would help us by helping themselves."

Rod Janzen, OK Tire and Auto Service Saskatoon, SK

"You are a very talented and unique individual. The most focused and best in our industry."

Kim Schumacher, Automotive Parts Distributors, Red Deer, Alberta

"This shop management course opens your eyes to great potential. It affects many things."

John Dolan - Castleton Auto Repair, Castleton, Ontario

"Very informative! I can now have a different outlook on where my business is headed."

Tony Pellegrini - Auto Cool Guelph Ltd., Guelph Ontario

"Great shop management course. Gave great insight to my industry and made me realize we, as a business, have to change to stay in business. Thank you very much."

Rob Nurse - Bob Nurse Motors - Peterborough, Ontario

"WOW!!! I've heard how awesome you were. This was amazing. Your st presence kept the brain thinking, interested and involved. Thanks to our Jobber of whom we do have a relationship with, for encouraging us to come."

Teresa Wallace - Westbrock Chevron, Kamloops B.C.

"Very good at getting to the point. Absolutely a very large eye opener."

Randy Haugen - Randy's Automotive, Chilliwack B.C.

"Extremely knowledgeable. Many more of my friends in the Service Provider industry would benefit."

Chris August - Harry's Affordable Auto Repairs, Vernon B.C.

"Best shop management course ever taken."

Cathy Harry - Boston Bar Service Ltd. (Kal Tire #132), Boston Bar B.C.

"Very well delivered. Kept me interested the whole way. The industry can survive with help like this."

John Maljaars - Agri-motive Repair Service Ltd., Chilliwack B.C.

"Very easy to listen to. Very energetic! It was an informative 3 days, good for any group of people in this industry - too bad we can't take Bob home with us!"

Kristy Sawada - Norbroc Service Ltd., Kamloops B.C.

"Very thorough, excellent talker and presenter. Knows his profession very well. Very impressed. It is too bad we couldn't convince more of our customers to put investment in their business and their future by attending this shop management course. Well done!!!"

Mike Maidment - Interior Distributors, Vernon B.C.

"Has opened my eyes. Very helpful in answering questions and explanation."

James Roberts - Gino's Automatic Transmission Centre Ltd. Guelph Ontario

"Passionate, powerful and committed. The most ROI for my investment. Highly recommended to all my peers. If you are an owner, you can't afford to not take this shop management course."

Ben Beringer - Jobsite Construction Equipment, Spruce Grove Alberta

"Very intense and effective presentation. I had high expectations coming here because of peers comments and I was delighted that they were exceeded. Thank you very much!"

Oliver Tuenschel - Roland Rad & A/C Inc., Newmarket, Ontario

"Great communicator, real passion. Great information presented well so all can understand."

Glen Hannan - Royal City Automotive, Guelph, Ontario

"Bob is tops. Reinforced my present ways and taught me how to measure our progress."

Don Hurren - Auto Clinic, Guelph, Ontario

"Thank you for the genuine concern of the industry I will be with for a great part of my lifetime."

Ben Devlin - Halton Automotive, Milton, Ontario

"I now have a direction and focus on improving my business........finally! Hopefully all my peers will step up as well so we can work together effectively and profitably."

David White - College Auto Tech, Guelph, Ontario

"Very motivating and inspirational. Very useful and up to date info relating to current business trends. If everyone in the industry was on board, the results would be amazing."

Mark Harkin - Forbes Service Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

"This shop management course gives a business owner the ability to understand his/her business. Very informative, understanding to individual need, focussed."

Lou Ferraz - Browns Line Auto Centre Ltd. Toronto, Ontario

Re: Bob Greenwood -"Serious, funny, full of knowledge. If you are serious about wanting to be a successful, professional organization for the future, you need to learn and understand the business and everything covered in this shop management course."

Elena Ferraz - Browns Line Auto Centre Ltd. Toronto, Ontario

"I've been in the auto industry learning how to make sales; today I learned the business development system to a better tomorrow."

Tony De Lima - OK Tire & Auto Service Etobicoke Ontario

"To the graduates of this shop management course, Congratulations!! I am delighted {as witnessed by your comments}, that you found the shop management course exceeded in value your investment in time and effort. This was the third shop management course we have sponsored, and your responses make worthwhile the money & time investment on our part. As the final comment, states "Now!! We have to implement".

The implementation of the "process", defines what we stand for at GORWOOD. We have successfully together "implemented" with our clients with proven results not just "theory". The result?, demonstrative mutual profitability for both business partners. A "culture" of together saying, "I will not let you down"! The future of our industry depends on it.

To those, who either never have, or have not taken the shop management course for a few years. I submit it would be the most intense three days you will spend, but from it you can achieve a true current comprehension of the Canadian automotive service industry. Reviewing published articles and manment letters of Mr. Greenwood while invaluable, does not in my opinion come close to the wealth of information imparted in the "live" shop management course. I submit that reviewing same, the e-learning centre and the "live" shop management course in tandem impacts an explosion of knowledge to embark on the two-three year process towards sustainable profitability. Just my opinion, I welcome yours. "

Adrian Gordon President & C.E.O. GORWOOD AUTOMOTIVE ( CarQuest Jobber) Woodstock, Ontario

"This shop management course is very enlightening. It can open your eyes to what the many problems are in the industry and gives us the tools to try and change our business."

Sarah Andrade - Beverly Automotive Specialists Cambridge, Ontario

"Explained terms for me to properly understand. Learned what my employer goals are and what I (as a tech) am able to provide. This difference between mark-up and gross profit was an eye opener."

Darren Lacroix - Steve's Automotive Ltd. Woodstock, Ontario

"Lots of enthusiasm, fact-based, and genuine passion for the industry. Presentation was very clear and easy to follow. Very good overview of financial aspect and decent presentation on relational aspects. Worth every minute and every penny. It was like taking my Commerce Degree (portion of it) over in a very industry-specific way."

David Booy - Steve's Automotive Ltd. Woodstock, Ontario

"Well spoken and educated on facts. Anyone in the repair business would benefit from this shop management course."

Craig Wilson - Don's Car Care Newmarket, Ontario

"Nice to have instruction from a professional who "truly" knows the industry. Lot's to learn! Thank you!"

Barbara Langford - Midas Auto Service Woodstock, Ontario

"Well prepared, passionate about our industry, optimistic and instils a desire to excel."

Keith Tarrant, K&H Engine Rebuilders, Parry Sound Ontario

"shop management course laid out extremely well. Bob is passionate about the future of the industry. Content covered all aspects of the business that I had questions about"

Allan Kirn, A&D Automotive, Beamsville Ontario

"Excellent presentation, very intense, important added value to my business. An important tool for every business."

Mike DE Groot, DE Groots Diagnostic Centre, Scarborough Ontario

"Very inspirational and will continue to be used for the rest of my career."

James Shields, Tommy's Motors, London Ontario

"Very knowledgeable, very informative. I recommend this shop management course to anyone in the automotive service business. Their survival depends on it."

CAA Mid Western Ontario

"Everyone in the industry should take this shop management course and continue to upgrade their skill on a yearly basis. Thankyou very much"

Robert Lowe, Stouffville Car Clinic Ltd., Stouffville Ontario

"Clear speaking, you could hear him, very knowledgeable. If we the industry (Independent) could follow through (with this) we would become the professionals we think we are."

Helmuth Slisarenko, Guelph Brock Road Gar Ltd., Guelph Ontario

"If we could get the shops in my area all thinking alike it would elevate the perception of Independents."

Gino Vendittelli, Victoria & Greenlane Auto Service Centre Ltd. Vineland Ontario

"Kept it very interesting. Full of life!!!. Very organized. shop management course was also so intense that you were forced to stay involved."

Dean Wildeman, Tingley Implements Inc., Lloydminster Alberta

"Knows how to communicate. Basically if you don't know this part of the business requirement, you will crash."

Terrence Crewe, Harrington Heavy Diesel Repair, Calgary Alberta

"Excellent instructor. Enlightenment that one is not inferior to the dealerships and that we must set our standards and maintain them. Businesses are growing and we must meet the demands of this industry."

Anthea Crewe, Harrington Diesel Repair, Calgary Alberta

"A very informative class. Bob keeps you on your mark and relates to the industry very well. Absolutely recommend it. Other staff in my company will take this shop management course."

Laverne Andrews, Mach 1 Diesel Repair, Lloydminster Alberta

"Very demanding - requires full attention. Does not give you a moment to wonder off. Keeps you focussed. A real wake-up call on where you are going and how fast you're headed there. You realize the strengths your business has and the weaknesses you have to address and how to actually improve on them."

Erin Ruel, Performance Truck Service Corp., Lloydminster Alberta

"Intense shop management course, but with review - manable. This shop management course could be the major turnaround after 22.5 years in business. Would like to see all shops attend and raise our im to the general public."

Sydney Cox, Performance Truck Service Corp., Lloydminster Alberta

"Unbelievable knowledge. I would recommend this to everyone in the service industry."

Brent Evans, Diesel Services Group, Regina Sask

"Very well presented and makes the numbers easy to understand. Probably the most important pieces of information I will ever learn to make my business a viable commodity. The true value of this shop management course could never be measured. I feel very fortunate to have attended this shop management course and feel that I have a distinct advant over my peers or competition. This is something we all need for the sake of our industry."

Steve Parkinson, Complete Spring & Mechanical, Lloydminster Alberta

"Very dynamic speaker/presenter/educator. A very different and enlightening approach to learning about our business and managing our business. Without a doubt, I have been "running" my business (or rather it running me) for far too long and it is time to take back the control and start "managing" it!!"

Jim Barnett,Tioly Truck Boxliners, Lloydminster Alberta

"Dynamic, hard hitting, yet sincere and caring."

Darrell Martin - Martin's Auto Clininc, Elmira, Ontario

"This is the 5th time attending. Must be OK. I feel sorry for the ones that miss out."

Jake Moore - Bast Tire & Auto, Waterloo Ontario.

"Very well presented, well prepared, excellent presentation. Every Gar Owner needs to take this shop management course and become more informed for the future."

Syd Snider - Galaxy Auto Service Inc. Elmira Ontario

"I just wish someone has given us this opportunity 30 years ago."

Marie Hewitt - Doug's Rad service, Woodstock, Ontario

"I have been to many shop management courses and have never see anybody who could keep the attention of the class as well as Bob did. This I think was due to his knowledge and preparation and commitment. I will definitely take home some of his knowledge and use it very profitably."

Brad Bowman - Autofleet Services - St Clements Ontario

" I think that any shop owner that does not make the time to take this shop management course is crazy, and obviously they haven't done the math."

Jason Turner - Turner Automotive, Georgetown Ontario

"Very instructional and always kept my attention."

Steve Seiler - RS Automotive, Palmerston Ontario

"Great communication skills. New vision, the new way to look at the automotive industry. Everyone in the automotive industry should have a look at Mr. Greenwood's presentation. It raises concerns that we need to look at before it is too late."

Martin Provost - Fountain Tire Corp - Edmonton Alberta.

"If you are really serious about staying in the auto maintenance and service business, this should be an imperative shop management course to take before even getting a key."

Allan O'Coin - Red Deer Alberta.

"Opened my eyes to potential opportunities coming my way. Best shop management course I have been on. It's too bad I did not get this introduced to me years ago. It's not too late!!"

Don Eng - Fountain Tire Richmond BC.

"Very informative, interactive, and professional. I highly recommend this shop management course for any shop owner whom wants to better themselves and succeed."

Todd Maxwell - Fountain Tire Regina Saskatchewan.

"Thank you once again for the outstanding 3 Day presentation you provided for our clients and staff. Since we left the resort I have been in conversation with those who attended and they are extremely happy that they did. Most only wish that they had done this sooner as they are starting to imagine the dollars left on the table over the years. My come back to that is forget the past and concentrate on the present and the future and they will never look back."

Mark Lyon, General Manr,Gord Davenport Automotive Parts Orangeville, Ontario.

"Very blunt and forward. It's about time someone was. It is a good way to become aware of where our business is and where it should be."

John Noviell, Albion 5 Bay Tire & Auto, Rexdale, Ontario.

"Every person involved in this industry, at any level, should definitely attend this shop management course."

Mark Harvey, Snap-on Equipment Division, Mississauga, Ontario.

"Made4 me understand where and why the automotive trade is in so much trouble !!!! with the numbers to back it up."

Ken O'Driscoll, Supreme Auto Service, Brampton, Ontario.

"Very eye opening. Materials and examples are very real. The shop management course is very informative and should be considered as a business tool."

Tony Di Meo, York Auto repairs, Concord, Ontario

"Informative. I wish I took this shop management course 10 years ago."

Sean Devine, Maxwell Auto Inc. Mississauga, Ontario.

"Made me open my eyes to a lot of problems I face. Great value showed me and gave me the tools to start making money."

Rui Rodrigues, Apollo Volvo Specialists, Toronto, Ontario

"Extremely informative. Interesting vision of the repair segment. The industry needs "Bob" to elevate our self esteem and professionalism."

Rick Bullas, Bullas Automotive (Firestone), Hamilton, Ontario

"Very informative - never a dull moment. Excellent!!"

Tony Papetti, Sunstar Service Centre Ltd., Concord, Ontario.

"Definitely not a sleeper. Job well done. Very intense, only for the very serious."

Crystal Miller, North 47 Truck & Trailer, Melville Saskatchewan.

"Very precise and to the point. Reality check for me. It was presented very well with the facts and truth - nothing more can be expected - no sugar coating."

Gianni Barbieri, Extra-Tech Automotive Ltd. Calgary Alberta.

"Entertaining, never got board. Very informative, good eye opener - shocked and awed me."

Chris Popowich, Swift Current Diesel, Swift Current Saskatchewan.

"Well presented. Very well laid out in practical terms, and very relevant to the industry."

David MacLeod, Charbec Fleet Service, Drumheller Alberta.

"You are very well informed in this industry in views I would have not considered."

Grant Rustad, Mid Plains Diesel Ltd., Kindersley Saskatchewan.

“Excellent knowledge and grasp of the industry. During the past 5 years we have asked several professionals, i.e. CA’s, CGA’s, Consultants, at great expense, for answers to some of these financial questions. NO one has been able to answer them! We knew there had to be answers somewhere. You’ve provided them. It would not be an understatement to say that if we hadn’t attended your shop management course, our eventual demise would be within sight. This shop management course has provided the answers we needed to make informed, future decisions for our business. Thank you!”

Herb Jaques - OK Tire and Auto Service, The Pas Manitoba

“Wow, 2nd time through shop management course. I know I will continue to apply the excellent material to my company growth. Any one who feels this shop management course was not worth attending and not take advant should change jobs!”

Daniel Monacer - Concours Wheel Ltd., Calgary Alberta

“Excellent shop management course, very valuable tools to help change our business to be better.”

David Cote -OK Tire Service & Auto Service, Grande Prairie Alberta

“Your enthusiasm leaves the point strongly embedded in our thoughts. If more Independents took the shop management course, it would be easier for everyone to move together bettering the Independent sector.”

Kim Teed - Teed Automotive, Goderich, Ontario

“Points well stated, backed by facts and numbers.”

Ron Schaefer - Ideal Supply, Listowel, Ontario

“Very dynamic, keeps attention and very good at getting point across. Develops whole new outlook on business and makes you think of alternative angles.”

Sean Beattie - Precision Automotive, Orleans Ontario

“Very, very good. Opened my eyes. This was really one of the best shop management courses of this type, I have ever been to.”

Lee Chorney - RDF Enterprises Inc. Winnipeg Manitoba

“Informative, to the point and a pleasure to listen to. If more of the Independent market attended this shop management course they would learn who their real enemies are and work together more.”

Richard Gardner - Auto centre @ The Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Bob speaks, you listen. The shop management course is direct and to the point. It is interesting throughout.”

Randy Skinner - Skinner’s Automotive Service, Beaverton, Ontario

“Dynamic, informative, to the point - excellent.”

Steve Van Kessel - Parry Automotive (Jobber) Orillia, Ontario

“Excellent emotion and vigour. I would highly recommend to any progressive Independent in our industry.”

Jim Pirie - Main Street Automotive, Woodstock Ontario

“I have taken this shop management course 3 times and attribute my success to it, and I look forward to keep on challenging myself to go forward.”

Steve Booy - Steve’s Automotive, Woodstock Ontario
Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada