"I like the new format of online. Everything was very well delivered and the one-hour, twice a week went by quickly. Was gald to be able to have all of our staff in attendance and be able to discuss the course with them and do the homework together as a team. Well done!"

Stacy Gustavson - Gustafson's Tirecraft, Athabasca, Alberta

"The course was in depth and packed with key values that I hope to carry on during the next months / years. Lots to consider moving forward. 0/10 would recommend anybody who is willing and wants to expand to be as profitable as possible."

Colton Gustavson - Gustafson's Tirecraft, Athabasca, Alberta

"It was great."

Kevin Gustavson - Gustafson's Tirecraft, Athabasca, Alberta

"This course was great. Really opened my eyes being able to see what it takes to run the business and Bob explained it very well. Great course!"

Shane Collinson - Gustafson's Tirecraft, Athabasca, Alberta

"Did not know how much it took to open the doors every day, and how looking at your net profit is the only way to see how much money you are making."

Taz Pichota - Gustafson's Tirecraft, Athabasca, Alberta

"Any shop that wants to be at the forefront of the automotive pofession should take this course. The 8 one-hour sessions were a nice pace to absorb the content. I prefer this over a traditional 1 full day."

Tyler Rouault - Gustafson's Tirecraft, Athabasca, Alberta

"I enjoyed the one hour sessions. I like I better then day courses. It gives me more time to think and contemplate what was taught."

Stephen Dyong - Dyong's Automotive, Barrhead, Alberta

"I have already mentioned to to several people"

Bruce Cambell - Plateau Diesel Performance, Enumclaw, Washington

"Please put me on the list to take this course again and, this time, include my manager!"

Barrie Buck - Meineke Car Care Center, Forest, Virginia
Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Sue Hitchon
AAEC / AED Brantford
Brantford, Ontario, Canada