Vehicle Integrity Manager

AAEC launches “Vehicle Integrity Manager”
"Producing a minimum of 30% in increased billed hours in one year"

Bob Greenwood, president and CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre has released a new vehicle inspection and complete vehicle management system for auto care service shops.

Greenwood says the new software allows service shops to raise the bar of professionalism delivered to their clients, capture the underperformed service work the auto care industry has been missing, and dramatically increases shop efficiencies.

Raise the Bar

Vehicle Integrity Manager (VIM) has been producing a minimum of 30% in increased billed hours in one year as well as creating strong client loyalties. That means a six hoist shop which fully embraced the software's depth saw an increase of $5,400 in labour revenue per month, or a billed labour gross profit increase of $64,800 in one year.


Vehicle-IM is a vehicle inspection and vehicle management system that is designed to prevent service items from “fall between the cracks.” Shops can manage customer profiles, technician duties, follow up on client appointments, manage deferred work, automatically plan vehicle service intervals to exact dates based on mileage driven and more all in one simple program.

To ensure accountability to the consumer the system requires technicians to list the deficiency in their inspection process, as well as the necessary suggested or required repair choosing from drop down menus or type their own recommendations. This provides clarity to the service advisor at the front counter so the customer isn't just advised of the problem or the cause, but also provides in writing what's required to correct it. Vehicle-IM is also designed to bring consistency to professional vehicle inspections as tutorials for inspection items are built into the software.

Fleet Management

Vehicle Integrity Manager also has a detailed component that allows service shops to manage fleets in a manner that will save their fleet clients’ money and maintain vehicle safety and reliability. The software is designed to bring a unique opportunity for the service shop to truly differentiate itself by allowing the shop to give the fleet manager a user ID and PIN enabling fleet managers to see the maintenance status of their own fleet at any time.


Vehicle-IM is software designed to interact with any shop POS system, and works on iPads, smart phones, and computers.

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada